Why Do We Look Different Around The World?

It's unlikely that you spend too much time wondering why your mother is so different from your boss. In the grand scheme, however, the huge variation in human faces is remarkable when compared with animals that look almost identical. According to a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in Nature Communications, it turned out that evolutionary pressures to make individuals easily identifiable led to us having wide-ranging faces. The study found that human facial traits, such as distance between eyes [...]

What Was the Tunguska Event?

The Tunguska Event happened more than a century ago, but no one knows what caused it. A nuclear weapon or comet, or even an encounter with extraterrestrial life have all been proposed as possible explanations. There's no denying the tragedy left a lasting influence on Siberia's terrain and continues to pique people's interest to this day. What Happened at Tunguska? The Stony Tunguska River in Siberia was rocked by a massive explosion known as the Tunguska Event. It happened at 7:14 a.m. on June 30, [...]

Why Is Our Climate Changing?

A variety of "natural" and "anthropogenic" (caused by humans) forces are at work in the process of climate change. Climate change has always occurred on Earth, as shown by the geological record; the fast pace and extent of climate change now taking place is of significant worry to the world at large. Atmospheric greenhouse gases act as heat sinks. Since the Industrial Revolution, human activity has resulted in a rise in atmospheric greenhouse gases, which has resulted in higher heat retention and elevated surface temperatures. [...]

Why Do We Have Different Colour Eyes?

A person's eyes are a special component of their body. The thought that these wet, tiny spheres can see is mind-boggling, yet the idea of how the body can fold its fingers or digest food is quite simple to grasp. Being able to see isn't enough; you also have to know how to judge the depth of the item and its color and distinguish it even in the darkest conditions. To top it all off, the iris' color dynamics are both fascinating and stunning. But [...]