Why Were the Pyramids Built?

They were created to keep the corpse of the pharaoh, who had just died, safe. For the sake of eternity, these enormous tombs were built to defy the ravages of time. Even the pharaoh had a plan for his own demise, and he was no different. He had a much more extravagant funeral than the average Ancient Egyptian would have, and it was seen as a significant occasion because of its connection to the rising as well as the setting of the sun. The king [...]

Where Was the Silk Road and How Important Was It?

A network of historic commercial routes, officially formed during the Han Dynasty of China, between 130 BCE and 1453 CE, was known as the Silk Road. Since there was not a single path that led from East to West along the Silk Road, historians prefer the designation "Silk Routes," even if "Silk Road" is the term that is most widely used. However, Marco Polo (l.1254-1324 CE) went on these roads and detailed them in his renowned book, but he is not given credit for their [...]

Who Were The Babylonians?

In ancient Mesopotamia, Babylonia was a sovereign state. As a port town also on the Euphrates River more than 4,000 years ago, Babylon was one of the first settlements in modern Iraq. He made it the biggest ancient city in the world under Hammurabi's stewardship. Neo-Babylonian rulers formed an empire stretching from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea centuries later. During this time, Babylon developed into a metropolis of magnificent architecture. Evidence from the Bible and excavations shows that thousands of Jews were sent [...]

What Happened to The Roman Empire?

An empire that spanned most of continental Europe, western Asia, North Africa, and even the Mediterranean islands began in the ninth century B.C. in a little village on central Italy's Tiber River. It reached its zenith in the first century A.D. In addition to the Romance languages (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, and Romanian) developed from Latin and the development of Christianity as a dominant religion, there are numerous more legacies from Roman rule. Following Julius Caesar's rise and collapse in the first century B.C., Rome [...]

Who Really Invented Electricity?

We can't imagine a world without electricity, so who deserves the credit for discovering this amazing thing? To begin with, electricity cannot be created as a source of energy. When it comes to the origins of electricity it has been examined by a wide range of specialists throughout the years. Ben Franklin's famous experiment with a kite and a key, which some claim to be the first discovery of electricity, actually demonstrated that lightning is a kind of electricity. The existence of electricity as a [...]