50 Fascinating Facts About Lesotho

A small country in southern Africa, Lesotho, formally known as the Kingdom of Lesotho, is an exclave. In terms of size, it's 30.355 square kilometers. Maseru, the country’s capital, and largest city is in the northeast. Basutoland was the previous name for Lesotho. The official languages of Lesotho are Sesotho and English. Lesotho loti is the country's official currency (LSL). ZAR, which stands for the South African Rand, is also used with the Lesotho loti currency. Landlocked nations in Africa, including Lesotho, number 16. Let's learn more about Lesotho by using these 50 interesting facts about the country.

Fascinating Facts

Basutoland was the previous name for Lesotho. A Mosotho is a person, while a Basotho is a group.
There are two official languages in the country: Sotho and English.
Sesotho is a language spoken by the people of Lesotho, thus the name "Lesotho."
More than 40% of the country's people live below the poverty level as of right now.
Lesotho is located at the height of 2161 meters above sea level. It's also known as "The Kingdom in the Sky" or something like that.
A car is a luxury item owned by the well-to-do in society.
The country's legal system is based on English common law as well as Roman-Dutch customary law.
The country's highest peak is "Thabana Ntlenyana," at 3,482 metres.
The country's lowest point is located at 1,400 m, near the confluence of the Orange and Makhaleng Rivers. It's also the lowest point on the planet, making it the highest on the globe.
Lesotho was hit by its worst drought in over 40 years in 2016, according to historical records. People can only eat once a day and must trek for kilometers to fetch water.
Sesotho was one of the earliest African languages to have a written form, and the literature in the language is considerable.
Most people grow their wheat, corn, cabbage, pumpkins, or peas to save on the expense of importing food from South Africa.
Lesotho eats a lot of beef, and cows are only slaughtered on exceptional occasions. Wool, milk, or meat are all produced from sheep and goats. Fresh eggs from a chicken can be utilized in the morning's breakfast.
Because they must provide delectable food to friends and neighbors during funerals and weddings, Lesotho families find it costly.
In this country, beer & tea are trendy. Tea is frequently served with fried cakes, while local beer is chosen in many families.
In Lesotho, a cow is worth more than money.
Lesotho is the only country on the planet whose whole territory rises over a height of 1,000 meters.
Lesotho is around the size of Maryland in the United States in terms of area.
Lesotho has a 1,106-kilometer land border.
Desertification, soil erosion, & overgrazing are all being exacerbated by an increasing number of people living in the nation. As a result, the country's standard of living is suffering.
About 80% of Lesotho's land is above sea level, making it a mountainous country.
Adult literacy is relatively high in Lesotho.
Because a sizable portion of the population is employed outside of the nation, remittances are essential to the country's economy.
There are a lot of women in the nation who work because they are poor, their husbands have died, or their husbands are not working.
Lesotho's capital, Maseru, is in the country's interior. The city sits on the Caledon River, which runs through it. The city's name derives from the Greek for "red sandstones" ().
In rural regions, almost 75% of the country's population works in agriculture and animal husbandry.
Lesotho imports almost all its needs from South Africa, which is only across the border.
Diamond mining contributes significantly to the country's GDP, making up 9% of the total.
Soccer is a popular form of self-indulgence for rural youth, as is listening to music.
Radio is by far the most widely used medium in the United States. Radio and television broadcasts from South Africa are also received throughout the nation.
The Lesotho Highlands Water Project's first phase was formally started in 2004 with a groundbreaking ceremony. Both Lesotho and South Africa value this water project highly. Lesotho uses hydroelectric power planet to harvest energy from the project for its use.
Lesotho has a year-round average of 300 sunny days. The country's rainy season lasts from October to April.
It's "Moshoeshoe Day" on March 11 in the United States. This day honours the memory of Moshoeshoe I, the first King of Lesotho, who died on March 11, 1870. When it came to representing his nation and protecting its language, art and culture as an ambassador, he was outstanding. Here are some websites to help you learn more about this inspiring person: resource one and resource two are available.
One of Africa's three independent monarchies, Lesotho, is governed by a constitutional monarchy (Morocco and Swaziland). Since 1990, Lesotho has been ruled by King Letsie III.
On October 4, 1966, the country declared its independence from the British administration, changing its name from Basutoland to the Kingdom of Lesotho.
Lesotho is one of only three enclaves on the globe, meaning the territory of another nation surrounds it. South Africa encircles Lesotho on all sides. Italy encompasses the other two enclaves: Vatican City and San Marino.
There is a "le" sound after the country name, such as in "League of the Southern African States."
Lesotho's lowest point is 1500 meters above sea level, making it the world's highest low point.
There is a 1:1 peg between this currency and the South African Rand known as the "Basotho Loti" (plural of Maloti). In Lesotho, the Rand is widely recognized, while in South Africa, the Loti is not.
Lesotho has a total of two official languages: Tswana and English. Most of the Basotho people speak Sesotho, the country's official language. The official language of the United Kingdom is English.
Two rivers flow through Lesotho: The Orange and the Tugela. The Lesotho Mountains are the source of all these rivers.
The Matakana airstrip is regarded as one of the world's scariest and most hazardous. The runway is just 400 metres long, and it finishes at the apex of a cliff with a 600-meter plunge (about 2000 feet). Afriski, at 3050 metres above sea level, is the highest ski resort in Africa, located in Lesotho.
South Africa does not recognize the Lesotho Loti as legal tender. The South African Rand, on the other hand, is widely accepted across Lesotho.
Lesotho's Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili has been in office since March 17, 2015.
When constitutional monarchy was instituted in 1933, Lesotho became the first African country to do so.
A total of 10 districts have been established in the nation, each named after one of the country's major cities.
More than a quarter of the country's population is infected with HIV, and the government is relying on modern technologies to tackle the disease's terrible consequences.
There was a dinosaur named Lesothosaurus, which means "lizard from Lesotho," after the nation. Early fossils are found in Lesotho, a small African country.
A 185-meter-high concrete arch dam in Lesotho blocks the Malibamat'so River.
The second-largest double-curvature arch dam in Africa is Lesotho's, Katse Dam. It has a height of 185 metres and a length of 710 metres. Approximately $8 billion was spent on the project, which was finished in 1996.