50 Fascinating Facts About Monaco

Monaco is a European sovereign microstate. It is surrounded by France on three sides and has a Mediterranean Sea shoreline on the fourth. Despite its small size, Monaco is a hub for the world's super-rich and is linked with glamour and a luxury lifestyle. Monaco is unquestionably a country in its league. Monaco is one of the most famous and mythological nations in the world. Despite its small size, it has managed to establish a name for itself and become among one of the most recognizable places on the French Riviera and a known country worldwide.</p> <p>Most people are aware that Monaco provides its inhabitants with a zero-income tax, but there are many other Monaco facts that most people are unaware of. The Principality of Monaco is a tiny city-state on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is popular among visitors visiting the French Riviera despite being hardly visible somewhat on the map of Europe. Monaco is a European tax haven, with inhabitants free from paying income taxes. If you want to understand more about this wealthy enclave, here are some fascinating facts about Monaco.

Fascinating Facts

Monaco is one of the world's densest countries, with an area of only 0.78 square miles and 38,300 people.
In 2014, about 30% of Monaco's population was a millionaire, comparable to Zurich or Geneva.
Monaco is smaller than New York City's Central Park.
Monaco is home to one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world.
Monaco is the world's second-smallest country. This Monaco fact, however, does not show that Vatican City is the world's smallest country.
The city was once split into municipalities, which are now known as districts. One of them is also called Monaco, but Monte Carlo is the most well-known.
Monaco is a self-governing Principality on the French Mediterranean coast. It is bounded to the north and west by France and the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea.
Monaco has been a sovereign state since 1297. The city sovereignty, state's however, was only established in 1861.
Monaco is also one of the safest cities in which to live. There are more police officers per person than in any other country on the globe.
Monaco, with 0.81 square miles, is the world's second-smallest country, behind Vatican City
France is responsible for the country's defense.
In less than one square mile, Monaco is home to 12,261 millionaires.
Monaco's national flag is quite like the flags of Indonesia and Poland. The main difference is that the Indonesian flag is more extended, whilst the Polish flag is white on top and red on the bottom.
The Monegasques are Monaco's indigenous people. In their home nation, they are a minority, accounting for one-fifth of the population.
Monaco is a sight to behold. The landscape here is mountainous, rocky, and rough, with breathtaking vistas as you make your way down to the ocean.
Monaco's principality is smaller than central park in Manhattan, New York.
Monaco has the tremendous average life expectancy in the world, at 85.8 years. The average resident's age is roughly 44 years old, while 14% of the population is over 75 years old.
Monaco expressed an interest in becoming a shareholder in Nice Airport, which is the closest to its jurisdiction.
Monaco's typical house costs $4,560 per square foot. This is more costly than some of the world's most expensive property markets, including New York City and Hong Kong.
The Monte-Carlo Casino has appeared in three James Bond films. This truth about Monaco is one of the reasons why so many James Bond enthusiasts wish to visit the legendary Casino.
Monaco ranks first in terms of quality-of-life factors. Its citizens have the longest life expectancy globally, and one in every three of them is a billionaire. There are no impoverished people there.
Monaco-Ville is the capital; it is one of four communities of Monaco, occupies 0.07 square miles, and had a population of 985 in 2008.
The real estate in Monaco is among the most luxurious in the world. The principality of Monaco has some of the world's most wealthy real estate.
Monaco is a major tourist destination and relaxation hub for the world's affluent and famous.
Gambling is illegal for citizens of Monaco, a city noted for its casinos.
Monaco is a world-class tourist attraction and entertainment hub.
Monaco is the safest location in Europe, and it attracts wealthy visitors who make it even better.
It has some of the most pleasant weather in Europe.
The grand Prix De Monaco is one of the most popular sporting events in the world.
Princess Caroline is credited for founding gambling casinos in Monaco to save the Grimaldi family from bankruptcy.
Monaco has the world's second-highest GDP per capita at $165,420.
The Casino is a significant source of revenue for Monaco and provides much employment for its citizens.
Monaco's tax regime is quite appealing. Since the 1970s, its people have been excused from paying income tax. For a long time, the state's primary source of income was casinos. It is currently diversifying its economy.
Monaco has a royal family: Prince Albert II is the reigning Prince of Monaco and the leader of the Grimaldi family.
Monaco is one of just a handful of nations in the world where people enjoy a tax-free lifestyle.
Monaco does not have airports; however, it does have heliports. One may also argue that Monaco is too small to support airports.
Monaco is one of just four countries globally, with a $100,000 or more GDP per capita
The government holds monopolies in several industries, including tobacco, the telephone network, and the postal service. This contributes to the country's earnings.
Monaco does not have an army. France oversees the country's defense.
Since 1955, the streets of Monaco have hosted one of the most prestigious and spectacular Formula One races.
For numerous years, Monaco relied solely on its casinos. However, the government is presently attempting to diversify its economic sources.
The country's only natural resource is fish.
Monaco has one of the world's most expensive streets, which was formerly the most expensive in the world.
According to 2011 estimates, Monaco's national product was $5.748 billion.
Monaco's currency is the euro, even though the principality is not a member of the European Union.
Monaco is not only one of the wealthiest nations in the world per capita, but it also boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates and the most billionaires per capita of any country!
Monaco has a relatively low crime rate. This might be since Monaco has more police officers per capita than any other country.
Because Monaco does not disclose national income numbers, the estimations below are exceedingly speculative.
Tourism makes for over 15% of Monaco's annual earnings.
Monaco does not have an airport of its own, although it does have heliports