Canada is a country located in northern North America directly above the United States. It consists of ten provinces and three territories. It encompasses almost 10 million kilometers of land, making it the second largest country in the world. However, Canada only had a population of 33.4 million people, making it the 35th largest country in the world. Canada's capital is Ottawa, and it is home to 883,391 people. Canada has two official languages, French and English. English is spoken throughout

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Cuba is a small country that is located in the Caribbean Sea that is a part of the North American continent. It is an island country that consists of numerous archipelagos. The main island is known as the Isla de la Juventud. Cuba is home to 11.1 million people. Its capital city of Havana has a population of 2.1 million citizens. The total area of Cuba is 42,426 square miles (109,884 square kilometers) making it the 105th largest country in the world. Cuba’s official language is Spanish. They do

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Although Greenland is Geographically part of the American continental shelf, it has, for the past millennium. been integrated into Europe, being controlled first by Norway and then by Denmark. It even joined the EU in 1973 when the country was part of Denmark, but it subsequently left. Its original inhabitants are Inuit Eskimos who came over to Greenland from Canada. It is interesting to see on a map just how it is situated in the world.

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Jamaica is an island that is located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Since gaining their independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, the country has grown to a population of 2.8 million people, while its capital city of Kingston is home to approximately 1 million of the country’s inhabitants. The official language of Jamaica is English, due to the fact that the United Kingdom ruled over the country for many centuries. However, the country also recognizes

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Mexico is located in North America, directly south of the United States. Its official name is the United Mexican States. Mexico not only borders the United States, but it also shares borders on the east by Guatemala, Belize and the Gulf of Mexico. Its home to over 113 million people, making it the 11th most populous country in the world, though, it is the 5th largest country in the world by land mass. The capital is Mexico City, and it is home to 8.85 million inhabitants. The country is comprise

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island country that is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. It is directly east of the Dominican Republic, and west of the British and the United States Virgin Islands. The country is comprised of one large island, where most of the inhabitants live, and many smaller islands. The country is home to 3.6 million people, while its capital city of San Juan is home to almost 400,000 people. The primary languages are both Spanish and English. The country is one of few in the wo

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United States

The USA is a country located in North America. Its official name is the United States of America, or it also known as simply the United States. The country has a population of over 325 million, making it the third most populous in the world. In terms of area, it is over 3 million square miles and is the third largest by area. While there is no official language, over 70% of people in the USA practice some form of Christianity. The country has a federal presidential constitutional republic govern

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